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Corona pandemic has given rise to unprecedented disruptions in global economy. Earlier, International Monetary Fund (IMF) had speculated a pandemic-caused loss of 12 trillion USD for the global economy. It is also estimated that Germany, as the largest European economy, has lost 5 percent of its production power ever since the pandemic commenced.
Within the past century, the maritime transport systems have fueled a major leap in facilitation of trade and development of economies throughout the world. In a 200 year period, the evolution of the dominant designs of ships (i.e. the sailing ships, the steam ships, and the motor ships) has provided an exponential growth in global trade:
Marine Innovation Exclusive Interview With Martin Stopford, the Most Prominent Economic Analyst of Shipping Industry
Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of UNCTAD:
IRISL Marine Innovation magazine Editor-in-Chief, Fatemeh Moonesan, sits with Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of UNCTAD, regarding global maritime transportation, digital technology and green shipping industry. The transcript of the interview could be accessed in the following:



According to international investigations, the emergence of recession and its escalation in the maritime transport industry which has been problematic lately is the result of several factors in the field of container transportation. The first factor can be the emergence of Ultra Large container ships in the shipping industry.
In the advent of 2020s and by the surging rise of Fourth Industrial Revolution in it, it seems that maritime transport still has a lot to do to keep pace with other industries in the transport sector (i.e. aviation, rail transport, automotive industries, and the emerging Hyperloop mode). The
At the present time, Artificial intelligence can be considered as the most important means in human life to improve and develop any service. The advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence have brought a lot of advantages in organizations changes such as in sales products and services.