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At the present time, Artificial intelligence can be considered as the most important means in human life to improve and develop any service. The advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence have brought a lot of advantages in organizations changes such as in sales products and services.
By: Dr. Arash Afshinfar
 According to researches, more than 64 percent of studies and the developments in organizations carried out through artificial intelligence have been related to the sales and marketing area. Among the artificial intelligence gains for these organizations can be increased marketing range, finding new customers, achieving growth rate and maximize sales capacity based on existing data analysis. This tool makes a big contribution to accelerate, discover and extract information as well as increase decision-making power in the creation of new approaches and ideas to attract potential customers. In the meantime, there are different views and definitions in the organization that make the marketing maturity in the organization. The only aim of marketing and sales department of the organization is to increase the profitability and flow of money into the organization. While senior executives using data from the organization are thinking of developing new strategies to enter new markets. In order to reach the artificial intelligence in the organization, three steps need to be taken which are briefly discussed in this article.
1- Identifying practical actions taken in a similar company and examining its aspects as a superior example. 
Applying artificial intelligence to companies that solely understand the behavior and desires of customers through data analysis is a very attractive and driving factor for their business development. Using artificial intelligence can help these companies ranging from simple virtual collaborations to major decision making. For instance, in the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line, it is first necessary to identify companies having business similar to the national fleet business and then to localize and use algorithms simplified for these companies by artificial intelligence after reviewing the inputs, processing, and outputs of the information. These algorithms and solutions can start from refining a simple process and continues to using Application Programming Interface or Building Block, a software which is connected to the main current system. Therefore, it should be noted that ports for input and output information are incorporated.
2- Focus on valuable, Business-related data 
One of the significant benefits of artificial intelligence is the recognition of low-value and mass data in the organization from high-processing data. That does not mean that the organization should stop searching on its organized mass data. However, the real value is achieved by analyzing all of the organization’s data through artificial intelligence and separating the underutilized, unstructured data from the structured data. Based on artificial intelligence logic, organization’s structured data is separated from databases and excel files and classified into third-party data. Unstructured organization data is also available for use in cases where it is not directly defined in line with the core business in the organization.
Considering the advantages of B2B
B2B models represent transactions between two companies. In other words, it refers 
 to the relationships between businesses. According to estimations, it comprises nearly 80 percent of all trades, especially  electronic trades. Many companies utilize artificial intelligence capabilities such as natural language processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, etc. to boost their company revenue and sales. However, an increasing number of companies are using artificial intelligence capabilities to provide better solutions. For instance, these companies provide their customers with smart market insights, market analysis power, shopping patterns, and more. Of course, it should be mentioned that these customers are business partners and suppliers who share their analytical information using artificial intelligence. The steps mentioned above are each capable of increasing their position in the business day by day and also increasing the productivity of the organization in different aspects. Due to the software structure of artificial intelligence tools, its application will be a prelude to smart marketing, developing geographic territory, time and location independence, and also e-commerce.