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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an enabling technology which significantly contributes to the management of environmental impacts and climate change. Stena Line as one of the world’s largest ferry operators is expanding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to predict the most fuel-efficient way to operate a vessel. After a successful pilot study regarding the reduced fuel consumption by two to three percent, the Stena Line decided to install Stena Fuel Pilot software on five more vessels. In order to discuss this issue, Marine Innovation magazine has conducted an interview with Mr. Erik Lewenhaupt, the Head of sustainability, Brand & Communication at Stena Line.
Before the spread of the mysterious respiratory virus in China, The Drewry Research Institute had predicted that the dry bulk and tanker market will continue to move on a positive wave in 2020. Dry bulk trade is projected to increase by 5.58 billion tons that shows 3.7% growth. Recent estimates also show that dry bulk trade has reached 5.39 billion tonnes in 2019, representing a rise of 4.5%.
Mr. PIA MELING Vice President, Sales & Marketing Massterly, Mr. Inge André Sandvik Chief Digital Officer and Mr. Jon Helge Ulstein Vessel manager of Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) had answered the questions of Marine Innovation magazine. The discussed questions included the topics concerning the world’s first autonomous shipping firm, Massterly, 4th industrial revolution, cooperation with TTI and Semtech on IoT network as well as advance-analytics, Machine-Learning/Artificial Intelligence technologies.
The Assembly of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has approved the renewal of Kitack Lim’s appointment as Secretary-General of IMO. He has been reelected for a four-year period beginning January 1, 2020 to 31 December 2023. Marine Innovation magazine has conducted an exclusive interview with him. in the following section, the answers are represented in the following section.




According to international investigations, the emergence of recession and its escalation in the maritime transport industry which has been problematic lately is the result of several factors in the field of container transportation. The first factor can be the emergence of Ultra Large container ships in the shipping industry.
In the advent of 2020s and by the surging rise of Fourth Industrial Revolution in it, it seems that maritime transport still has a lot to do to keep pace with other industries in the transport sector (i.e. aviation, rail transport, automotive industries, and the emerging Hyperloop mode). The
At the present time, Artificial intelligence can be considered as the most important means in human life to improve and develop any service. The advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence have brought a lot of advantages in organizations changes such as in sales products and services.